By Chip Cummings, CMC

Hundreds of new technology applications hit the market every day. From iApp’s to Facebook Apps, it’s hard to keep track of what’s new let alone what works for your business! To help you navigate some of the latest and greatest tech tools out there, here’s a quick list of some of my favorites for a variety of marketing uses:

1. Google Analytics Meets Facebook – If you love to track your statistics, you’ll love this! As the #1 site in the world, Facebook has created a social revolution. Smart businesses use fan and specialty pages to connect with their customers, gain new prospects and handle customer service. Google analytics is the best “free” tool on the internet to track visitors, demographics and site activity. Now you can use this tool to track your Facebook viewers. For detailed instructions and downloads, go to:
2. StickyBits – You will notice “barcodes” starting to appear on everything from business cards to loan docs. Applications now allow you to take a picture of a barcode with your phone, and instantly receive information, downloads, documents, or even video! One of the slickest new tools that allows you to attach digital content to real world items is “StickyBits.” Business card becomes an online video, direct mail becomes an online 1003, open house sheet becomes a video tour – you get the idea. Check out

3. Twitter Video – All the world is aTwitter… One of the best uses for Twitter is for monitoring and maintaining customer service – and referrals. There are many tools allowing you to cross-platform social networks, but video applications that are clear and consistent have been hard to come by. A new application (still in beta) allows you to instantly upload videos from your phone, camera, webcam, etc. to your Twitter updates. Best part – it’s free (and I love free stuff). To use, head to

4. YouTube Customization – YouTube has long been an easy way to create marketing videos, but posting them for your prospects or customers has been a concern. After they play, they will show competitors links, you can’t control the look & feel of the video, or place your own logo into a custom screen. Now you can. By customizing your own YouTube channel, and the player (with your logo, name, pictures of your company or team, etc.) you can create a completely personal marketing video platform. These are great for specific marketing campaigns (holidays or events) or property/real estate agent marketing! All free, with 17 background templates, you can access the downloads and instructions here:

5. Fast Direct Mail Marketing – Looking for a simple upload-point-click-mail marketing solution? I design marketing pieces right on my computer, add custom mailing list merge fields and mail within minutes with Click2Mail. Great for postcards, newsletters, brochures – anything that needs to be customized and mailed. B/W or color, I can have five or 50,000 pieces out in prospects hands within three days nationwide. I have saved thousands with this cool tool alone. Check out
These are just a few of the creative tools that I use in my business every day to save time and money to automate my marketing – and make it look good. New technology solutions do not have to be intimidating or confusing, and they certainly don’t have to be expensive. For more creative tips and strategies, visit me at (or of course on Twitter or Facebook).

Chip Cummings has more than 27 years real estate and lending experience, is an e-marketing expert, speaker and author of several books, including the new “Cashing In on Pre-Foreclosures and Short Sales.” 616/977-7900 or


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