Become a brand – part 1

I live in a city in Southern California with a lot going on. It is a nice family community with lots of attractions and things to do. One thing that has been missing in our immediate neighborhood is a good burger place.

In order for us to skip the Micky Ds and go get a good burger we have to travel 5-7 miles. In some parts of the country that’s the norm but in Southern California that is just crazy talk!

A few months ago, I heard from a friend that Five Guys was coming in to the vacant location where Blockbuster Video once stood (more on Blockbuster at a different time). We passed along the news to friends and we talked about it every so often.

Sure enough, a few months ago they opened without hype. I say without hype because I did not read an article, see a TV commercial or receive a coupon. They opened and people came. The place is slammed every night and the empty Mexican restaurant three doors down is wondering “how did they do it?”.

What is their secret? Their reputation precedes them and they let their customers do the selling. Is that the case with your business? Probably not.

This is not a commercial for the burger chain, I personally do not eat fast food on a regular basis. I am using 5 Guys as an example of what we should all be doing with our businesses. Let our customers do the selling for us.

Start seeing yourself as a brand and make that brand a household name in your immediate market. If 5 Guys can do it selling a burger you certainly can do it selling money to finance the American Dream.

In part 2 I will discuss various ways and methods to become a recognized local brand 

Byron G. Torres is the founder and creative director of Pritzer Media (, a local marketing firm based out of Southern California. As a former originator, Byron understands the needs of mortgage professionals. Pritzer’s services include: Local marketingwebsite design for small businessesanimated videos and video production.

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