CAMP Conference Program Highlights Social Media Strategies

One of the highlights of the recent California Association of Mortgage Professionals (CAMP) summer convention in Manhattan Beach was John Stevens’ presentation on social media. Stevens, an NAMB Director and social media expert, offered conference attendees a variety of tips. For example:

  • Develop a Facebook business page and post regularly.
  • For personal Facebook pages he recommends you feature about one post a week highlighting business (but not overly commercial), with the remainder focusing on personal areas.
  • Use @ and hash tags # often because they create a link to you and are visible to friends of others.
  • Post articles, photos and videos about popular topics—something of current interest—so that when others do a Google/other search, your posts will have a better chance of appearing.
  • Post “selfies” often. People like seeing you (really).
  • Display photos of yourself and strategic partners at chamber of commerce, industry and other business events. Be sure to tag your friends and use hash tags to create more visibility.
  • Stage your most important photos (especially cover and profile photos) and have them taken by a professional photographer.
  • Take advantage of Google Plus and YouTube. Google weights these more heavily when ranking.
  • The best times to post Facebook material are usually 7-8 a.m. and 9-10 p.m., when more people are online and aren’t interrupting their workday.
  • Always be careful when posting opinions and other notices. For example, you don’t want to “distance” yourself from friends, customers and prospects by overemphasizing your political or religious views.

Learning how to use social media well and investing the necessary time can bring you great success. For example, Stevens consistently generates 10 leads a week from Facebook and enjoys a 90 percent conversion rate.

Written by Ed Craine

Ed Craine is the publisher of Broker Banker.


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