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Because most people today turn to the internet before making any type of purchase business owners want to know how to be found on search engines. Although there are a lot of things that come into play when getting a website to show up in search results one of the main aspects is relevant content to any given search query.

In 2012 Google made a major update to their algorithm that has come to be known as the Panda Update. In short what this update did was try and eliminate spam by providing more relevant results  based on good quality content . Here is the way Google put it:

The Panda update was designed to improve the user experience by catching and demoting low-quality sites that did not provide useful original content or otherwise add much value. At the same time, it provided better rankings for high-quality sites—sites with original content and information such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis and so on.

Here is a blog post I wrote talking specifically about how to be found on Google.

The other search engines (Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc…) have their own algorithm in place but relevant content is top with them as well. When Big Papa talks (Google) the others follow.

What should you write about?

Write helpful information that might help a potential client. In the how to be found on Google article, I used the example of a mechanic wanting to gain more transmission clients. Here is a short excerpt

My plan of attack would be to make it a point to publish at least 1-2 articles per week on transmission care, how often to change your fluid, cost of transmission repair, how to make your transmission last etc…

I would write each article from a “helping” perspective rather than a “profit” perspective. In other words, write it to help and not to solicit business.

The same thing goes for mortgage professionals. Can you think of information you can publish that might be helpful to people looking for a loan in your area? Is there something specific borrowers should be looking out for? Are there programs available that can help a first time buyer in your city obtain a loan?

So I write relevant articles, now will search engines find me?

Possibly. There are many other things that have to be taken into account such as sitemap submission, valuable and credible links and directory listings  just to name a few but without providing relevant content you don’t stand much of a shot.

Where you will rank will depend on the search engine themselves but if you cover your tracks and do the right things in the right ways you give yourself a fighting chance to compete. Become an expert and a resource and the rest will fall into place.

This is not an overnight success approach but it is one that will yield you positive gains over your career. Being helpful, professional and consistent pays off in business and the same holds true in the eyes of search engines.

Good selling.

Byron G. Torres


Byron G. Torres is the founder at Pritzer Media. Byron works with clients from around the country helping them implement  marketing plans that will increase online presence, productivity and their ROI.

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