ISGN Introduces LoanGPS™, a Transparent Workflow Tool for Mortgage Processing

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ISGN Introduces LoanGPS™, a Transparent Workflow Tool for Mortgage Processing

ISGN Corporation , a provider of end-to-end technology solutions and services to the U.S. mortgage industry, has introduced LoanGPS™, a collaborative processing engine and workflow tool, to efficiently enhance ISGN’s processing of outsourced mortgages for third parties. LoanGPS offers “cutting edge” loan processing capabilities for ISGN to close outsourced loans more effectively and efficiently for lenders and banks by minimizing variations and ensuring that the loan closes on time.

LoanGPS aligns with customer origination systems to seamlessly collect loan data for outsourced loans processed by ISGN. LoanGPS uses proprietary technologies including LoanNavigator™, LoanPath™ and iQueue™ to capture, track and analyze real-time data from borrowers, loan processors, underwriters and vendors. The system automatically assigns tasks according to the customizable workflow configuration. LoanGPS essentially tracks the loan transparently through processing so all involved know the tasks at hand ensuring on-time loan closing.

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