Loan Originator Roundtable: Our Most Effective Marketing Strategies

Broker Banker asked veteran loan originators Fred Kreger (American Family Funding, Santa Clarita, Calif.), Mike Meena  (Augusta Financial, Newhall Calif.), Karen Cimera (LoanStar Home Lending, Los Gatos, Calif. ), and Skip McDonough (The Mortgage Firm, Inc., Jupiter, Fla.) what they think will be their most effective marketing strategy this year.

Fred Kreger

This year we are addressing a number of issues, including federal regulatory and legislative issues impacting mortgage professionals, the shifting Millennial market and technology issues facing originators. From a marketing standpoint, we’ll be focusing on proactive business planning and review every quarter to see if the landscape has changed and then make a shift if needed. Here are a few key strategies/action areas:

*John Maxwell Laws of Consistency: It doesn’t matter how talented you are or opportunities that you have received. If you want to grow, consistency is key. Also, always start with something simple such as birthday and anniversary calls. That is something we will continue doing this year.

  • Look at the Millennial Market for hiring and selling. We will be emphasizing Millennials selling to Millennials whenever possible.
  • Increasing the use of technology to gain market share.

Mike Meena

For 2016 we are going to dedicate more time to working with the agents to help them grow their business.  When we meet with them we go over a marketing plan that has proven to be successful; if they take all of the right steps.  We go over all of the things that we know are working and we advise them to stay away from what is not working.  We also sit down with our agents and help them with their business plan and try to incorporate some of the tools we have to help them grow their business.

Becoming a trusted advisor to agents and their clients is very important.  Explaining why a client needs a trust or life insurance, or why they should buy investment properties.  Giving good service and good advice are really the keys when most people do not have a retirement plan.

 Karen Cimera

In 2016 I am making a more concerted effort to communicate with my customers and those they know, about the options that are available today to help people either get back into the housing market or save money on the loans that they have, which they may not have thought possible.  I always work my database and get much of my business from prior customers. However, I am pushing out the options for credit challenged borrowers now, as there are many programs that the average American does not know about. There are still many people who have been drug through the gutter in the past 10 years of recession/depression and I like to provide them with options to get back into a home, keep their home, and/or save some money. This means just working with them and letting them know they are not alone with this credit crisis and that I am here to help. The key is education—showing them what life after a foreclosure or bankruptcy looks like and giving them some hope of where they can be in another year or two. Facebook updates, e-mail blasts and Realtor co-branding all create awareness with the public that I’m around, understand, and care to help.

Skip McDonough

As I have done for a number of years, this year I’ll be focusing on building Realtor relationships as the main way to expand our purchase business. There’s no silver bullet or exceptional script. We will use our quick five-week plan that can result in tripling your current purchase business:

  • Call five Realtors each day.
  • Schedule five face-to-face Realtor meetings a week.
  • Schedule one office or team presentation a week.
  • Call every Realtor who is involved with current transactions.
  • Call each Realtor from the past two years to reconnect.
  • Send a thank you card (not e-mail) for each referral, including failures.
  • Schedule lunches only with Realtors– Monday thru Thursday.



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