Making Social Media Work for You

Broker Banker asked several loan originators to share their most effective social media strategy. We will continue to add other successful social media marketing ideas.

Michael Deery
Citywide Financial Corp.
San Diego, California

I am definitely taking great advantage of social media right now and it is driving a lot of business my way thankfully. About two years ago, I created a Facebook page called “Free Resources for CA Real Estate Agents

( .) I currently have 4,750 real estate agents on the page. Every day I share lots of great resources, marketing materials, sales tips and other content that will help them grow their business. And, of course I market myself and my business too. I have at least three leads a day coming to me from this page, via agents who I have met through this Facebook page. So needless to say, social media and especially Facebook is a fantastic way to build one’s business. But it is not all easy as they say; two or three times a day I come up with unique and interesting information that will help agents and their business. But that is the key—being consistent with one’s message and value.

Beata Bukowski
Ultimate Rate Mortgage
Chicago, Illinois

I post articles on my Facebook page and Linked in, which has been very effective. The articles are usually about the latest economic news, housing reports and mortgage programs. I’ve found the key is to make them informative; helpful to my Facebook Friends and Linked In Connections. People have responded by e-mailing me with their questions. Rather than generate immediate business from this, it has helped create greater visibility for me.

Jo Ann Theriault-Fazio
Guaranteed Rate
Northbrook, Illinois

My most effective social media strategy is tagging on Facebook, which involves being friends with the person on Facebook, clicking on their picture and typing their name in to tag them. People often do this to show their friends what they are up to. I tag real estate agents on photos of them at their open houses or of photos I’ve taken of them on check-ins at various locations such as a home for sale or an event that we are at together. These photos appear on their Facebook page (which all of their friends and numerous other contacts see), along with a brief description I’ll write, such as “What a great night with Guaranteed Rate & xxxxx @properties.” These tags/posts show the agents in a positive light and they see that I’m helping to promote them. The result has been fantastic. I typically get multiple “likes” or comments on the photo or in the post. And, it increases the amount of people who see your posts. This helps strengthen my ties with agents and also is a way to market my expertise.

Chip Cummings
Northwind International Corp.
Grand Rapids, Michigan

The biggest factor in being successful with social media is your ability to connect. Social media means just that – being social. When someone adds you to their list of connections, or “friends” you, don’t just accept and ignore – send them a reply.  I send a personal note or post to every single person who connects with me on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. I try to reference something in their personal profile (such as employment, location, experience, or mutual friend) in order to solidify the connection. I make sure to “like” or comment on people’s posts on a regular basis, and add to the conversation in a non-confrontational and enjoyable manner. These posts will be seen by others associated with that contact, resulting in higher personal visibility – and additional requests to connect. Also, whenever possible, I use pictures or video as part of my posts, and combine that with a personal observation or comment.

Researched by David Robinson, Associate Editor of Broker Banker





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