New Year, New Tactics and New Business: No Excuses!

By Greg Frost

My team revealed to me in August 2009 that they were worried about their production for the next 4 months.  After all, we had school starting, the State Fair in September, the International Balloon Fiesta in October, Thanksgiving in November, and both Christmas and New Years holidays at the end of December.  They shared every excuse in the book with me about why their production would be lower through years end.

I listened, smiled, stood up and said,” Well, based on that input, I think we ought to send everybody home and shut the whole thing down until January.  I want to thank you all for your input.  See you after the first of the year.”  As I left the room, I looked back over my shoulder and said, ”Anyone who is willing to reassess this decision with me and try to convince me to keep the office open, meet in my office in 15 minutes.”

The result of that meeting was a restatement of the sales activities that were being performed by each L.O. on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. As we shared all the activities, some L.O.’s liked those that others were doing and chose to add them to their repertoire.  I managed to inject a few ideas myself that were also added.  Here are a few ideas to keep your business channels open and productive during slow months.

1)    Go to breakfast and lunch with a REALTOR® referral partner or prospect everyday.  You can’t afford to eat alone.
2)    Ask each REALTOR® if they know anyone at their office that is an “up and comer” or verbalizing frustration with their lender.  Ask them to bring them to lunch with the two of you, next week.
3)    Call the listing agent and selling agent on every loan in process with an update on their file that you are currently processing.
4)    Call the borrower with a loan in process update on their file.  Do this and you will get a referral before the loan closes.
5)    Find a reason to send out 5 note cards to industry professionals and past clients each day.  Very few hand written cards are sent, all are appreciated when received.  Think about it: 5 cards a day = 25 cards x’s 52 weeks = 1300 opportunities to make a lasting impression.
6)    Forward “The Daily Communicator” to each of your REALTOR® referral partners and prospects.

1)     Call every REALTOR® referral partner on Monday morning and ask if they ran into anyone over the weekend that may need your assistance.
2)     Call every REALTOR® Referral Partner/Prospect every Friday afternoon and remind them that you are on your cell phone all weekend and available to answer questions or run the numbers on a prospective buyer.
3)     Send a written loan status report, every Friday afternoon, to the listing agent, selling agent and borrower on every loan in process.

1)     Send your REALTOR® Referral Partners, current borrowers and past clients a monthly newsletter.
2)     Send everyone, from every list that you have, a Birthday card. Call them, and leave a Happy Birthday voice mail the day before their Birthday,”I wanted to be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday.  I know that I’m a day early.  In my business it’s great to be early.”

In short, “bear down” and spend every minute of every day doing something to get your name out, to speak your message, to show you care, to provide valuable information and to cross sell those who know and use you.

Your attention and effort will announce your professionalism, enhance your authority, prove your consistency, and trigger reciprocity.

Greg Frost directs the largest NetPartner Division for PRMI Mortgage. He is also PRMI’s National Training Director. Greg Can be reached at: 505-292-7200, email:


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