Sales Tip: Simplify

With so many options available to us it is easy to get caught up in the “I gotta have it” mentality. The truth of the matter is that we do not need the latest and the greatest to make things happen.

When I started my latest company I had minimal resources. I printed out a flip chart, strapped on my shoes and went prospecting. One client after another I began to see the picture come together. I didn’t have the tools I have available today but I was making a lot of sales because I got down to the basic level of selling. I made contacts, followed up and closed.

If you do not have the newest smart phone or a killer tablet…WHO CARES?!? use what you have and get to work!

Challenge: Don’t depend on your technology to make sales for you for a week and sharpen your prospecting and follow up skills. Break out the old organizer for a few days and challenge yourself to simplify and get back to basics.

Byron G. Torres is the founder and creative director of Pritzer Media (, a local marketing firm based out of Southern California. As a former originator, Byron understands the needs of mortgage professionals. Pritzer’s services include: Local marketing, website design for small businesses, animated business videos and local video marketing.
Byron G. Torres can be reached at 909-689-4043

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